The immune system is a complex and intricate series of tissues and cells constantly working to prevent and remove disease from the body.  However, what is even more critical than the immune system is the nervous system, the master controller of all human body systems.  Without a normally functioning nervous system, communication with the immune system is impaired and may lead to disease.

Chiropractors have testimonials from millions of patients demonstrating a more robust and balanced immune system.  Many colds and flu have been stopped in their tracks through the powerful effect of chiropractic adjustment.  Cancer researcher Dr. Ronald Pero found that chiropractic patients under long-term regular chiropractic care have an immune system 200% stronger than non-chiropractic patients and 400% stronger than cancer patients.

The secret to a more robust immune system lies in the interrelationship between the nervous and immune cells.  When messages from the brain to the body flow 100%, the cells can function at their maximum.  However, when vertebral subluxation, a misalignment of the spinal bones occurs, blockage to the nervous system is inevitable, lowering the immune response and increasing the likelihood of infection.  Whenever the internal resistance to disease is lowered, our body is more apt to be affected by the millions of bacteria and viruses in our environment.

Along with decreasing stress, reducing chemical and stimulant intake, improving sleep, taking vitamins, and regularly exercising, chiropractic care is essential in ensuring the immune system functions how it is intended.


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