Proper posture is critical to proper nervous system health.  Chiropractic care focuses on the correction of subluxation and its effect on overall posture.  One of the misunderstood aspects of proper posture involves correct foot posture and its effect on overall body posture.

When the feet, the very foundation of the body, are misaligned, the entire body will experience abnormal posture.  The most common foot related problem is called pronation, where the feet lose their normal arch and begin the process of shifting out of their normal posture.  This causes the ankles to rotate inwards, the knees then rotate together, the lower back hyperextends and the neck moves forward, causing forward head posture.  Another less common form of foot misalignment is called supination, where the feet and knees rotate outwards.

Abnormal foot posture is caused by poor footwear, walking or running on hard surfaces or problems with the ligamentous structure of the foot.  These abnormal postures will, over time, produce subluxations and require even more chiropractic adjustments to maintain the spinal corrections.


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