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According to Canadian Chiropractic Association, over 11 million Canadians suffer from back pain and other muscle, spine, and nervous conditions every year.1 The exact cause of back pain, or why some people may be at greater risk, continue to be hot topics of discussion among chiropractors and medical researchers alike. What we do know is that back pain and other conditions that affect your muscles and spine are very common and it’s very likely that you or someone you know is suffering from one of those conditions. But when you feel pain and decide to seek help, you may not know where to go or with whom you can talk. The more you know about muscle, spine, and nervous system health, the better prepared you will be if you or someone you know is suffering from a condition that affects it.

Sometimes a lack of information about spinal health conditions can create unnecessary fear. The more knowledge you have, the more you will feel empowered to take your first steps towards living healthier. In addition to general health knowledge, it is also important for you to know who among your healthcare team can provide valuable resources and education about muscle, spine, and nervous system health. Consider visiting a chiropractor who can help support you to understand it.

Patient education is an effective means to prevent and manage back pain.2 There are a number of self-management approaches that can also help you prevent pain. With support and resources from the Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA), you can take charge of your spinal health, proactively preventing pain to improve your overall health. Start the conversation with your chiropractor today to build the necessary confidence and understanding of your health so you can make positive decisions for tomorrow.

Check out these helpful resources from the CCA on muscle, spine, and nervous system health:


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