As winter approaches, Canadians eagerly look forward to participating in a wide variety of winter activities. Among the most popular winter activities for Canadians is skiing. People engaging in the sport can go for a variety of hills and terrains that cater to different skill levels and age.

Skiing can be a fun yet intense activity that can result in soreness after spending an entire day on the slopes. As with any sport skiing is a source of enjoyment and fun activity for Canadians but can result in injury. Making sure you have the right gear is important to prevent injuries and enhance your skiing experience. Below are some further recommendations to a safer experience when skiing

Getting the Right Gear:

Being prepared with the right equipment can prevent any unpleasant surprises or injuries when engaging intensely in any sporting activity. Take the time to understand what equipment and attire is suitable for skiing and renting or purchasing options for suitable equipment are always available. If you are not familiar with skiing, you can always consult a professional who can guide you through what equipment you require and suit your body type.

Skiing can involve risk of injuries due to falling, collisions or complications from poor form. Therefore it is important for you to make sure your equipment is in good condition to prevent such injuries. If you notice any issues or breakage with equipment such as skis, you can get it repaired by a professional vendor of skiing equipment.

There are other equipment that can provide further protection when skiing. Helmets can prevent risk of a concussion or fracture in the skill due to fall or collision. Braces can help with existing issues or injuries. Knee braces for example can reduce knee injuries up to 90%. There are other protective gear such as spine protectors and wrist guards. Find equipment that fits you will ensure your comfort and safety.

Take Skiing Classes or Lessons:

Whether you are a first time skier or an experienced professional, skiing lessons are highly recommended. First time skiers and beginners can always benefit from an instructor teaching basic techniques and providing safety tips. Even professional skiers can benefit from lessons as they can point out bad habits or techniques acquired over time. Aside from teaching skiing techniques, instructors more importantly address other issues such as rules and regulations, information about terrain and tips and advice on how to ski safely.

Keep in Shape:

Skiing can be an exciting experience and a wonderful form of exercise. Skiing works out different parts of the lower and upper body. Skiing being a healthy form of exercise does put stress on your joints and spine. Mobility, agility and balance are required when skiing for long hours, especially on slopes of higher difficulty. Keeping in shape by cardiovascular or strength training can be very beneficial in enhancing your skiing experience. If you are unsure of how you can train for a skiing trip, a personal trainer can design workouts that prepare you for skiing. Warm ups and stretches prior to skiing are always recommended and helpful.

Skiing is a lot of fun and can be a memorable experience, but it is important to always take time to prepare for a skiing trip. Skiing is a rigorous sport that puts stress on different joints and parts of the body, so make sure you take advantage of these tips to keep yourself prepared and conditioned for an enjoyable skiing experience. To learn more about preparing for skiing or any intense sporting activity, you can visit our Fit Tips page or consult a chiropractor.

We at the CCA wish you a wonderful winter holiday and a Happy New Year! We hope the new year brings much joy and happiness to you and your family. Keep a lookout for our January blog series on effective New Years Resolutions and tips on how to stick to them!

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