High blood pressure affects approximately 25% of North American adults.  At least 65 million Americans have hypertension, and 9 out of 10 middle-aged people will eventually develop this condition.  Patients with high blood pressure are at serious risk for heart attack, stroke, severe kidney damage and blindness if left uncontrolled.

Blood pressure drugs often produce undesirable side effects such as fatigue, dizziness, elevated cholesterol, male impotence or erectile dysfunction, and liver and kidney disease. Most people with hypertension remain asymptomatic, and as a result, the condition may go undetected for many years.  Subluxations, and misaligned spinal bones closely parallel blood pressure and are also called “silent killers” because they also can be symptom-free.

A recent pilot study at the University of Chicago Medical Center found that chiropractic correction of a specific spinal subluxation of C1 (the first vertebrae) resulted in decreased blood pressure that was equivalent to concurrent administration of two blood pressure drugs.


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