Studies have shown that roughly 1/3 of all people suffer from headaches.  Although triggers may vary, subluxations or spinal misalignments are shown to be involved in up to 80% of all headaches.

Symptoms include but are not limited to: throbbing pain, nausea, vomiting, visual disturbances called scotomas, vertigo and other neurological symptoms.  To fight off the pain associated with headaches, many people take medications instead of trying to remove the cause of these headaches.  Drugs can interfere with the body’s natural pain-control circuitry, causing rebound headaches along with other undesirable side effects.

According to Dr. Rothbart and a group of MD’s at Syracuse University, who thoroughly studied the phenomena of headaches,

“Some brilliant people have put their hearts, souls and minds to this (headache) problem and haven’t come up with anything. All we’ve been able to do is treat people with an array of medicines, one after the other, and hope the side effects won’t be too bad.  We couldn’t believe it at first. We’ve been able to put together a scientific explanation for how neck structure causes headaches — not all headaches, but a significant number of them.  It’s true that chiropractors have been saying this for years.”

Utilizing natural approaches, chiropractors are capable of eliminating headaches, or dramatically reducing their occurrence and frequency.  Subluxations in the spine, particularly in the upper part of the neck, can irritate the upper cervical nerves causing increased pain sensation to various parts of the head and face.  With a proper spinal examination, a chiropractor is able to determine if someone has spinal subluxations and nerve blockage to the head region.


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