It is one thing to be respected among your peers in your field. It is another to be recognized as a world expert. That’s what happened this past week to Dr. Pierre Côté and Dr. Greg Kawchuk. In recognition of September being International Pain Awareness Month, Expertscape unveiled its ranking of global experts in back pain. Dr. Côté and Dr. Kawchuk were recognized for their career-spanning dedication to research, the breadth of their publication in peer-reviewed medical journals and being on the forefront of understanding new evidence-based practices. is an independent website that aims to objectively rank researchers and institutions by their expertise in more than 29,000 biomedical topics. Reviewing global peer-reviewed medical journals, Expertscape scores and ranks based on those doing work investigating the leading edge of knowledge. The website is frequently used by patients, researchers, attorneys, and media who are looking for an expert opinion or advice on a medical issue.

  • “It’s very exciting,” shared Dr. Kawchuk. “One thing that I’m most happy about is that this recognition is a big pat on the back for everyone involved in this research over the last ten years — our amazing students, wonderful collaborators, a world-class university, those who generously provide funding and the clinicians and patients who are part of our studies …. please take a bow!”

“This is really not about me,” shared Dr. Côté. “It is about building a strong body of evidence to improve the clinical management of patients and reduce the burden of disability in the population. And our research is being extremely well received. Research should not be judged according to who produces it, or the educational background of researchers. It should be judged by its methodological quality and the impact is has on policy.”

In their survey of the field of back pain, in Canada, Expertscape also found that six of the top-ten back pain experts were chiropractors, and the profession was well represented across the bord. In addition to Dr. Kawchuk and Dr. Côté, the list highlighted Dr. Martin Descarreaux, Dr. Simon French, Dr. Jeffrey Herbert, Dr. Jill Hayden, Dr. Jessica Wong, Dr. Martha Funabashi, Dr. Andre Bussières, Dr. J. David Cassidy, Dr. Sheilah Hogg-Johnson, Dr. Isabelle Pagé, Dr. Katherine Pohlman, and Dr. Silvano Mior as leading national experts.

“With just a quick look at the list, it’s apparent that researchers with a background and/or interest in the chiropractic profession are not only holding their own, but are making significant contributions[to the field of low back pain],” said Dr. Kawchuk. “There really aren’t separate teams of chiropractic researchers creating chiropractic research. These days, the vast majority of the investigators constantly collaborate with colleagues from a wide variety of professions and backgrounds to create the best science possible. In that way, the knowledge generated benefits everyone.”

“We are incredibly proud of the work these doctors, along with their fellow chiropractic researchers, are doing to advance our understanding of musculoskeletal conditions and evidence-based treatment options. This reinforces what we have always known: as spine, muscle and nervous system experts, chiropractors are an essential part of every Canadian’s healthcare team,” said Alison Dantas, CEO of the Canadian Chiropractic Association. Learn more about chiropractic care.

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